Tangled Ink Art

Tangled Ink Art

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

MacNCheese Tangles

The DIVA Challenge this week is to use our MacNCheese tangles, or in Laura's words...

So i thought a great challenge would be to use your MacNCheese (or Kraft Dinner as we call it in Canada) tangles.  No pressure! Enjoy the process, love each moment.  Do the ones that feel great.

I have a handful of MacNCheese tangles, so I just sat down and decided to do what Laura said, no pressure, enjoy the process, and do what feels great.  Today that was Flux and Tipple on a tan tile.  I didn't do a string or border, just began by tangling Flux, this way and that.  I love Tipple and use it a lot, and I especially love it around Flux.  I added a few aura's, made the edges black, and added shading and highlights.  It was enjoyable to just do a simple tile with some favorite tangles!

Thursday, March 16, 2017


This week at the DIVA's weekly challenge we are using Zingo, a tangle made by Indy & Mazzy.  They are the grandchildren of Rick & Maria, and Molly's children.  They made a video for the Kitchen Table Tangles series and you can see it here at this link. It is such a cute video, I watched it several times.  I love how the girls interact with each other, how they know all the Zentangle terminology, and how they teach as they tangle.  I especially love their imaginations that they share! Future CZT's, not doubt!

TANGLES:  Zingo, Paradox, Crescent Moon, Purk, Tipple

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This week's challenge from the DIVA is to try out the tangle, Amphora, by Lily Moon.  I have never used this tangle before so I used it as my main tangle focus, taking up most of the tile.  I had fun with this one and added lots of variations to it.  With graphite as the new black, I added Florz on each side with my pencil.  Fun tangle, thanks Lily & Laura!

P.S. Make sure to check out Lily's work when you go to her blog.  I see it all the time on the different FB groups and it's always incredibly beautiful! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marasu and Molygon

The Diva has challenged us this week to Duo Tangle, Marasu vs. Molygon.  I am a fan of Duo challenges since they usually make you think outside the box a little.  I used a tan tile with a black, tan, and red pen.  For shading I used graphite and a gray marker.  For highlights the white charcoal pencil and the white gel pen. 

Can you believe it's March already!  We have been lucky this year with a pretty mild winter so far, but sometimes March can be our worst month.  Winter's not over yet. 
Hope all is well by all of you.  Enjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017


The DIVA challenge this week is to use the new official tangle, Waybop. This tangle was one of the 4 new tangles introduced at ZenAgain this past November.  I really like this tangle because the possibilities are endless and it's really fun to explore and play with.  I happened to have a tile that was dyed with some blue watercolor paint so I used that with 2 different colors of blue pens, and some white charcoal pencil highlights.  This is really a great tangle to grow a zendala with! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from Loveland, CO

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I was happy to see another Valentangle challenge at the DIVA's blog this week.  I have always loved hearts and making valentangles!  This tile was inspired by Rick & Maria's Kitchen Table Tangle video on the tangle Waybop, and the heart variation that is posted on the zentangle.com blog today

I used a tan zendala tile, with a black, tan, and red Micron to create the Hearty Waybop and aura's. I used Noom around the outside border (love that tangle in the round!).  For the background I used graphite to make the Printemps, and shade the tile.  Also, a white charcoal pencil for highlights. 

#Iheartwaybop, #Noom, #Printemps, #GraphiteIsTheNewBlack

As you can imagine, Valentine's Day is a big event in Loveland, CO!
In February of 1947 the Loveland Valentine Remailing Program was born.  Every year, over 130,000 Valentines are sent to Loveland, where volunteers hand-stamp them with a Valentine verse (contest every year) and send them on to the intended recipients.  Approximately 60 volunteers gather to stamp the verse (there is a waiting list for this duty) which is sent all over the US and more than 110 countries.  Since 1962, a high school senior has been chosen to represent the program and the city as "Miss Loveland Valentine".  

For more than 40 years, the streets of the Sweetheart City have been lined each February with hundreds of wooden hearts. Many proclaim personalized words of affection, devotion and admiration in 25 letters or fewer. The Thompson Valley Rotary Club has been managing the program for nearly 20 years.
Community members can request nearly anything written on the hearts, including notes in foreign languages and symbols. Each message will be stenciled on the heart with the help of local students. Proceeds of the sales go to help children locally and abroad through the Thompson Valley Rotary Club.

 All quite fun to read as you are riding through town (not while driving, of course...wink). 

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Another UMT (Use My Tangle) at the DIVA challenge this week.  We are using the tangle, Hamadox by Diana Schreur, CZT.  I have never tried this tangle before, which is something I love about the UMT feature of the Diva challenge!  I had a little bit of a hard time with the middle part not looking totally like Paradox, and I'm still not sure I have it right, but I really love this tangle!  Thanks for another fun challenge!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Duo Tangles: Paradox & Diva Dance

This week at the DIVA challenge, Laura has us doing a Duo Tangle (2 tangles) Paradox & Diva Dance.  This was prompted by a video that was released by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the co-founders of Zentangle.  To see the video you can click on the above link to Laura's blog, where she has posted it for everyone.  I've always loved the Duo Tangle challenges, and this one was no exception.  Hope you are all having a wonderful creative week! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

DIVA's 300 Milestone challenge!

Make sure you check out the link here for the DIVA's 300th challenge, and say congrats while you are there!  300 challenges indeed! OMG this is crazy!  She can't believe it, and neither can I!  I have been doing this challenge since Laura began this journey 6 years ago, and I haven't missed a one!  Sometimes they were late, but they got done.  I have a binder full of tiles to prove it! I would have never guessed that when I started these challenges, I would still be here doing every one of them.  Every time the challenge gets to a milestone like this, I say to myself, okay I should just quit now, but then I keep on going.  I met Laura in 7/2015 and she told me "You can't quit...if I can't quit, then you can't quit either"!  So here's number 300! 

2017 Moebius Syndrome Awareness tile
#moebiusawareness #moebiuspurple

Laura has done a challenge to raise awareness of Moebius Syndrome every January since 2012, in honor of her son, Artoo (online name).  Please take a moment to read their story on her blog at the above link.  One of the perks of being with this challenge from the beginning, has been seeing both of Laura's little guys grow and the many activities of their family over the years. I have always included the Moebius Syndrome logo, the color purple, a heart, and Artoo's name on my tiles.  Here's a look at past years tiles...



Thursday, January 19, 2017


The DIVA Challenge this week is to use the new official tangle, Drawings (pronounced Draw Wings).  I love this tangle and was so happy to be part of ZenAgain where it was announced.  I used a tan tile, brown Micron, and colored pencil to create Drawings.  Then I added some Isochor in black to the background, and a white charcoal pencil for highlights

We have had 4 days now of beautiful warm weather (50's), which is warm for Jan.!  When that happens it means that it will be changing soon (the warm before the cold front hits).  Which is fine with me, we always need the moisture, and fortunately the mountains are getting dumped on this year with record snow amounts-Yay!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you call home!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Happy New Year everyone!  Well,  the DIVA challenges are back for another new year, and Challenge #298 is starting off with a UMT (Use my tangle) challenge.  The featured tangle is Orbs-la-Dee, by Anneke van Dam.  I have never used this tangle before and I really like the bold dramatic look of it.  I started with a spiral string which I then drew a curvy line around and tangled.  Thanks, Anneke!  Thanks, Laura for bringing back the challenges for another year

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12 Days of 3Z's (Part Two)

This is the 2nd part of my post from 12/11/2016 where I posted my 3Z tiles from the 1st 6 days of the challenge.  Here is the link to Part One, and here are my 3Z tiles from the last 6 days of the challenge.

Day 7 Knightsbridge (#7thdayof3zs)

Day 8 Poke Leaf (#8thdayof3zs)
Day 9 Auraknot (#9thdayof3zs)
Day 10 Drawings (#10thdayof3zs)

Day 11 Icanthis (#11thdayof3zs)

Day 12 Crazy Huggins (#12thdayof3zs)
I managed to get all 12 tangles on this one small tile!

My mosaic of all 12 days!

Thanks to everyone at Zentangle Central for putting this challenge together.  It was a lot of fun and such a joy to see all the beautiful tiles from everyone on the Mosaic App!



Thursday, December 22, 2016

3D Christmas Ornaments

When I attended ZenAgain, a CZT reunion retreat, we learned how to make 3D ornaments out of the black apprentice tiles. We used the Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll pens to decorate the ornaments.   I showed them to my daughter who is a 6th grade middle school teacher, and she invited me to teach them to her students.  It was the last day of school before Christmas break and they were having a fun art/craft/movie day.

I taught 2 classes of approximately 30 students in each class. Unfortunately, the time was cut for our 1st class down to 45 minutes, so no one got to finish their ornaments.  In the second class we had the full 80 minutes and most all of the kids got to finish.  I taught them 6 tangles and then we worked on construction of the ornaments, tangling them, and putting them together.  They had a lot of fun and loved using the gel pens, and loved how they looked with the black light.  A lot of the kids did their own designs along with the tangles.  They all turned out beautiful!

Thank you Ms. Clark for inviting me to share this fun zentangle inspired craft with your students!

The students beautiful 3D ornaments

More of the students beautiful 3D ornaments

My demo 3D ornaments

Other side of my demo 3D ornaments

Monday, December 19, 2016

DIVA Challenge 297 Holiday Bash

This is the last DIVA challenge of the year and we got to revisit the last 5 years end of the year challenges.  Laura also reminded us that her very 1st challenge was in Dec 2010 (6 years ago).  I was a part of that 1st challenge, and I can hardly believe this, but every single challenge since.  I must say it was fun to go back and look at each of the last 6 years challenges and see all the old names and a lot of names that are still doing the challenge nowThanks so much, Laura for all the fun you have given to us for the last 6 years!

I choose to do the challenge from last year, Dec 2015, "Give the Gift of Zentangle".  Every year I like to give my two daughters a Christmas ornament.  Some have been homemade and some store bought.  I love putting ornaments on my tree each year, and especially love the ones I was given as gifts because they will always be special to me

This year at a CZT reunion, Maria Thomas showed us how to make her gilded hearts.  So I used that technique to add to gold gilded hearts to Bijou tiles.  I then tangled the new tangle, Drawings on each of them.  I have always loved angels and I am really enjoying this tangle!  I then framed them in small frames I found at Michael's, which are perfect for the Bijou tiles

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Days of 3Z's (Part One)

Have you seen the zentangle.com blog on the 12 days of 3Z's challenge?  If not, you can read about the 1st day HERE, and then the subsequent days, to date.  I decided to go ahead and take the challenge so I could get some practice using the new 3Z tiles.  If you haven't seen them, they are in the shape of a triangle, which can be put together in so many different ways and mosaics.  I love these new tiles! As they are doing at Zentangle HQ, I am also using pre-strung 3Z tiles for the challenge

Some days, I just did one tile, some day two.  At Zentangle HQ they are doing the number of tiles to correspond with the day they are on, but as they mentioned, they have a lot more tanglers there! So, here are my first 6 days of the challenge.............

Check out the Zentangle Mosaic App to see everyone's gorgeous work for this challenge!

Day 1 Tripoli (#1stdayof 3zs)

Day 2 Diva Dance (#2nddayof 3zs)

Day 3 Shattuck (#3rddayof3zs)

Day 4 Marasu (#4thdayof3zs)

Day 5 Golden Tipple (5thdayof 3zs)

Day 6 Molygon (#day6of3zs)

My mosaic of the 1st 6 days

Part 2 coming after I complete the next 6 days of the challenge.  It's not to late for you to join in on the fun!



Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DIVA Challenge 296 Moowa

It's the first Monday of the month again (my they do fly by) at the DIVA challenge and we are using the tangle Moowa, by CZT Anya Ipsen.  I have never used this tangle before, so I started my tile the usual way with a border and string.  After I made the first set of Moowa, I abandoned the string quickly and just started making sets of Moowa all over the tile, in every direction they would fit.  I added some Tipple and filled in the tile with black around the edges.  I am happy with how this turned out and I quite like Moowa!  Thanks Anya & Laura!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

DIVA Challenge 295 Reticula/Fragments Part 2

I am really late this week on the DIVA challenge!  This week we are doing part 2 to the reticula and fragment challenge of last week.  The more you play with reticula and fragments the easier and more fun it gets.  I used the R-B2, and the F-Y1 from the Zentangle Primer, and just added some Printemps to finish off the rough edgesEnjoy your day!

Friday, November 25, 2016

DIVA challenge #294 Reticula & Fragments

This week's DIVA challenge is to use reticula and fragments on your tile.  If you are not familiar with reticula and fragments, I would suggest reading the challenge on Laura's blog (click on the link) because she has a great explanation and links to fully understand this method that was introduced by Rick and Maria (co-founders of the Zentangle art method). 

If you have the Zentangle Primer Vol 1 book you can look up the reticula (grid) I used R-B1 on page 123 and the fragment was X7 on page 115.  I rotated the fragment every other way in each column of the reticula.  So much fun!

I hope you all had a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving day!

Friday, November 18, 2016

DIVA Challenge 293 Keeko

The challenge this week from the DIVA is to use the tangle Keeko.  Even though Keeko has been around for awhile, it's one I don't use very often.  I'll have to try to remember to use it more!  Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DIVA Challenge 292 Eaxy

The DIVA has us doing a UMT (use my tangle) challenge this week.  The tangle is Eaxy by CZT, Nadine Roller from Germany.  This is a tangle made with X's and Nadine said it was easy so she named it Eaxy.  Her example tiles are beautiful!  I had a bit of a learning curve with this one, and I practiced over and over until I got it.  It was very hard for me to keep my X's consistent and to figure out where I was when I turned my tile.  So, because of that, I decided to confine it to a small space and use some comfort tangles with it.  I did give it my best try

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

DIVA Challenge #291 Happy Halloween

This week the DIVA challenge is to create a Halloween themed tile.  I made kind of a crazy Arukas spider in a Fracus web and then added a border.  I did this on a tan tile with black and brown pens and a white charcoal pencil.  I used a gray marker for the shading. 

Halloween was extra special this year because my granddaughter is 20 months and I got to go with her and her parents to trick or treat.  Their family has a Bassett hound named Nate (my 1st grand dog), and my daughter being clever had Bailey dress up as a Fox so they could go as Fox and Hound.